Storm update 21.14 hours photos Mike from Panormos, Agnondas and Stafylos

I am shocked. All the damage and destroyed places. I hope they can rebuild everything.


As a major mopping up operation continues, Skopelos is still reckoning the extent of the damage during the massive electric storms and rainfall last night, Tuesday. The inundation of rain waters from Mount Palouki and the hills towards Stafilos wreaked the most damage along the road running from the harbour to the T-junction on the periferiko road, where hotels, restaurants, shops and offices were flooded, and also along the road above the Ammos town beach. The storm waters undermined part of the port car park where a culvert carries the ‘underground river’ beneath the road into the sea, collapsing part of the car park and tipping cars into the sea. Premises along the paralia were also inundated, and the force of the waters broke water mains and has left some parts of Skopelos Town without water supplies.

We hear that there was also extensive damage to properties at Agnontas, Kastani…

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