Flight to Volos

Neas Anchialos Airport

e-thessalia.gr gave skopelosnews the latest news on the foreign flights in 2019 going to and from the Neas Anchialos Airport near Volos.

The flights that the airport will have this year are from:
-two times per week Easyjet flights from England
-one time per week a flight from Transavia from the netherlands
-two times per week a flight from Israel
-two times per week from Belgium
-two times per week from Munchen and Dusseldorf
-One time per week from Austria and one time from France

For many people it is a must that they arrive at the airport and will be able to reach a boat on time to get to the Sporades. With a bus it will take a little over an hour and then from the Volos busstation you get a taxi to the harbor. Others take a taxi from the airport to the harbor in Volos. Make sure you ask how much it costs. It is not cheap.

For timetables and routes on mainland Greece I have started using https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Volos-Airport-VOL/Volos. It is up to date, many other websites are not.


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